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Generac 6022 2700 PSI OHV Pressure Washer Review 2017

Gas Pressure Washers were first designed for heavy duty industrial applications years ago. But, manufacturers of these machines have soon realized that home owners too were looking for more powerful cleaning equipment to clean outside areas of their homes.

So they have started developing power washers in different sizes suitable for home owners, and gas powered pressure washers have become popular in home market segment as well especially amongst home owners with large areas to clean. Most stubborn stains on your driveway stand no chance with these more powerful machines. As gas powered pressure washers do not require power outlets and extension cords thus making cleaning task simple.

If you need a commercial grade pressure washer then you should consider going for popular Generac Pressure Washer as these portable power washers are very reliable and user-friendly.

History of Generac

Generac is a manufacturing company from American Midwest with good reputation and recognised for generations. Generac is focusing on developing home standby generators and engines suitable for harsh environments; they put their parts, motors and experience on building gas powered pressure washers.

Generac Pressure Washers

Smaller pressure washers range developed by Generac consists of models for home market segment and these machines works at around 2500 psi which is more than sufficient to clean most stubborn of stains from driveways, patios, fences, and much more.

These pressure washers are powered by Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontal-shaft engine. The Generac designers have made sure that the pump unit is well placed above the ground for all of their models for easy fixing of your hoses to the pump and this means you do not have to bend down to connect the hose.

These pressure washers come with an ergonomic spray gun which features a unique cushion grip that minimizes vibrations when in use, which means you can work longer without getting cramps on your hands from holding the trigger down. They also include Quick-Clip nozzles, and these are easy to change for different spraying applications.

Every Generac pressure washer model has unique low oil shutdown feature installed in to their engine which is designed to turn off the engine when the oil has reached a low level. This feature is especially useful for prolonging the life of your engine.

Most of the facts and features are true for all of their models, which mainly differ in size of the motor and the power of the water spray.

Generac 6022 2700 PSI OHV Pressure Washer Review

This review is based on Generac 6022 model’s gas engine is capable of delivering a great amount of power, and be able to spray the water with pressure up to 2700 PSI and 2.3 gallons per minute. This much amount of power is right at the edge of the commercial segment, not just for cleaning car or the driveway in front of the house but for real heavy duty jobs where the power is important. The engine powering the compressor pump of the Generac 6022 is a 196 cc cylinder sized OHV with oil-shutdown feature and integrated unloader valve to provide easier engine start-up.

This power washer comes with an ergonomic spray gun with unique cushion grip and four Quick-Clip nozzle tips which angles and spraying direction ranges from 0 degrees, 25 degrees clean, 40 degrees wash and soap. The design of this model is built around an axle and perfectly balanced over the wheels which minimizes vibrations and increases manoeuvrability.

Most of the customers who bought Generac 6022 Pressure Washers are generally satisfied with their purchase. You can try out this product line to take care of your home cleaning jobs.


If you have followed the information so far, you would now have realized the quality and effectiveness of the Generac gas pressure washers. You can try out any pressure washer in this product line to take care of your home cleaning jobs.

The Different Tile Cutting Saws

Wet Tile Saws

A wet Tile Cutting Saw produces precise, clean cuts. With it, you can even cut 1/4 inch wide slivers out of most tile.Water sprays continuously on the diamond blade, preventing the blade from wearing out. Changeable guides make it possible to create cuts at 45 degrees or other angles. If you arrange to take on several tile jobs, rent rather than buy the best wet tile saw for the money.

Hacksaw with Rod Saw Blade

If you are working with a soft tile, a hacksaw outfitted with a cylindrical rod saw can cut curves and cutouts. Keep tile motionless when cutting tiles by using clamps and a piece of wood to hold steady. Keep hands and fingers out of cutting area.


A grinder cuts quickly through every style of ceramic or stone tile, but it kicks up plenty dust as it cuts, as well as makes accurate cuts with difficulty. A grinder is perfect for tricky cutouts, such as a outlet for an elecrical receptacle or wall switch. Equip it with an economical mansory blade if you are cutting soft tiles or have just a few cuts to make. Think about investing in a diamond tip blade when cutting more than a few cuts of hard tiles.

Snap Cutter

Most tiles can be quickly cut alone a straight line using this economical Tile Cutting Saw device. When cutting larger tile, check that your snap cutter is large enough for the tiles you have to to cut. It should have an changeable guide to ease the task of cutting several tiles all the identical size. Better models have replaceable blades, also called scoring wheels.

Tile Nippers

Also called biters or a nibbling tool, a pair of tile nippers can take a nip out of almost any tile. To make a cutout with nippers, you have to be patient as well as cautious; it’s very likely that you will break a tile or two in the process. But if you have just a few such cuts to make, this tool can save you the trouble of renting a wet tile cutting saw. Nipperss are also practical when you need to shave less than a 1/2 inch from a tile. Score the line with a snap cutter, and chip away with the nippers.

Tile Stone

Tile stones come in handy on numerous occasions. If cutting a tile result in a sharp or jagged edge, rub it with a tile stone to round the edge a bit. You can also utilize a tile stone to grind down a soft tile that is 1/8 inch or so too large. If soft is unglazed tiles such as terra-cotta, saltillo, or limestone form an uneven surface. Grind down the high spots with a tile stone, a process called “lipping.”

Tip for Tile Cutting Saw

A number of wet saws cost little more than the fee of a two-day rental. Be cautious about purchasing one, however. The diamond blade will be of lower quality than the one in a typical rental tile cutting saw. It will cut quickly if you cut very hard tile such as porcelain. Before you purchase a version with a sliding tray, make certain it is large enough to handle your tiles. Also test to see if you can make correct cuts. A hand held model Tile Cutting Saw is the least expensive selection of all, but it can be difficult to operate, especially if you need to make accurate cuts.

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USA Best Buy Baby Strollers 2017

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3 Wheel Joggers

Adventure Buggy

Cat No: 998 203Freight Code: "C" 


Large three piece Jogging Stroller for all terrain use. 

Separate pram and stroller inserts included. 

Sturdy frame with anti-rust zinc coating. 

Long extendable handle for tall people. 

Simple folding action with self locking mechanism. 

Lockable front swivel wheel assembly. 

Pneumatic tyres with new linked brakes on rear wheels. 

Large carry basket and boot cover. 

Comes complete with large hood and shade/insect cover. 

Buggy Weight - 9.8kg and Maximum Child Weight - 40kg Our Price: $595.00 New Colors

Coming Runabout 2 Features: 

Large compact and light weight aluminium jogger double stroller for infant and toddler.

Pneumatic tyres and lockable swivel wheel.

Locking clips to hold matching carry bassinette.

Large sun hood with viewing window

Head support and removable bumper bar.

Wheels can be rapidly removed to save even more space.

Available in Navy,(pictured), Black and Teal/Orange colours.

Our Price: $445.00Runabout 2Cat No: 916 477Freight Code: "C"

Urban Buggy

Cat No: 912 048

Freight Code: "D"


Light weight Aluminium buggy with large basket.

Suitable for babies from new born to 35kg.Highly manoeuvrable on all pneumatic tyres.

Single action breaking system.

Viewing window in canopy.

Swivel-lockable front wheel.

Five point safety harness and wrist strap.

Folds almost flat for transport or storage.

Optional extras: Rain Cover, U.V. Shade, Carry Cot, Travel Bag and Sleeping Bag.

Folded Dimensions

Weight = 9.00kg Width = 67cm Length = 105cm

RRP $639.00

Our Price: $595.00


Multi-purpose all terrain infant buggy.

Go anywhere puncture proof tyres.

Double breaking system.

Large sun hood with viewing window.

five point safety harness and wrist strap.

Folds almost flat for transport or storage.


Special Price: $469.00

Sports Jogger

Cat No: 998 097

Freight Code: "C" Overlander

Cat No: 933 500

Freight Code: "C" 


Large Jogging Stroller for all terrain use.

Sturdy steel frame with anti-rust zinc powder coating.

Genuine suspension system on front and rear wheels.

Pneumatic tyres on chrome spoked wheels.

Simple folding action with self locking mechanism.

Lockable front swivel wheel assembly.5 point harness, bumper bar and leg extender.

Large carry basket and boot cover.

Comes complete with large hood and viewing window.

Our Price: $295.00 

Swivel Jogger Features: 

Large compact and light weight jogging stroller.

Pneumatic tyres and lockable swivel wheel.5 point harness and bumper bar.

Large sun hood with viewing window

Linked rear wheel brakes.

Boot cover, large basket and tyre pump.

Available in colours: Navy/Red trim and Accent Blue.

Our Price: $289.00

Swivel Jogger

Cat No: 916 477

Freight Code: "C"

Rapid Jogger

Cat No: 919 003

Freight Code: "C" 


Large Jogging Stroller for all terrain use.Multi position layback seat.

Sturdy steel frame with powder coating.

Pneumatic tyres on chrome spoked wheels.

Suspension system on front and rear wheels.

Simple folding action with self locking mechanism.

Lockable front swivel wheel assembly.5 point harness, bumper bar.

Large carry basket and boot cover.

Comes complete with large hood and viewing window.

Our Price: $299.00

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Chef’s Secret 22-Piece 9-Element Super Set 2017

The Chef's Secret 22-Piece 9-Element Super Set is made with a multi ply 9-element surgical stainless steel that is made specifically for waterless cooking. You will be able to use this set for all your waterless and greaseless cooking needs. The pans are built to be very solid and to retain heat better than just a normal saucepan would. This set is also made specifically with "nonstick" qualities so that they can be used for cooking without water and you will not have to worry about the food sticking to the pan. Each pan has a mirrored finish on the outside and a satin finish on the cooking surface. There is also a bottom encapsulated heating surface on every pan.

When you decide to switch to waterless cooking or get a new pots and pans set you will want something like the Chef's Secret 22-Piece 9-Element Super Set because it is built to last. Plus it is made to be very practical in the kitchen. The saucepans and the raster are marked for easy measuring in quarts. All the handles are built to keep from getting too hot for you to handle. This pan set is put together to give you the best choices for all your cooking needs.

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Let's Take a Look at some of the key features of the Chef's Secret 22-Piece 9-Element Stainless-Steel Cookware Set:

Made with a 9-element surgical stainless steel

Mirrored outside finish and satin inside finish

All pans contain a bottom encapsulated heating surface

Many pieces fit well for stack cooking

Saucepans and Roaster marked for easy measurement

Thermo control knobs

Limited lifetime warranty

Waterless cooking instruction book included

You deserve to be able to cook in a way that will give you healthy and flavorful meals. Many chefs have been using waterless and greaseless cooking techniques for many years, and now you can use them as well. Clean up will be easier as well because the "no stick" qualities of the Chef's Secret 22-Piece Element Super Set will keep food from sticking so you can clean and reuse your pans easier and more often. It is always nice to know that when you are done with your meal clean up is only going to take a few minutes instead of the hours it can take to clean dirty pans that do not have "no stick" qualities.

Using a set of pans that is designed for waterless cooking and stack cooking will help to save you time and create better food. There are many health benefits to cooking without water and without grease. You will no longer have to worry about cooking out all the nutrients that your vegetables and other foods contain. Plus with the instruction booklet you will receive with your set you will be able to learn how to cook without water or grease much faster.

Here's what one owner had to say...I got on the waterless cookware research kick after attending a Saladmaster party. I loved the idea of waterless for the health benefits and flavor of the food, as well as the quality of construction of the surgical steel pieces. My husband is a full time seminary student, and I homeschool our children. There is no way we will ever be in a position where $2000-5000 for a set of cookware will be a good buy in our opinions. I am not impugning Saladmaster, at all. I'm saying we can't afford it, and even if we could, I don't have it in me to shell out that much money for pans.

What anyone considering this cookware needs to consider is that waterless is a distinctive, and probably a new way of cooking. It requires adjustment in practice and thinking unless you already cook waterless. The idea is to cook the foods at a low enough temperature (212 degrees F or less) and with as little liquid as possible so that the majority of the nutrients are not cooked out and additional calories from fats/oils/grease are not cooked in. The natural flavors of the food really do come out when cooking waterless. It is a technique that requires a little patience and maybe some practice if you are in the habit of bringing something to a boil and cooking it until it is done. Waterless cookware does not mean you won't burn dinner if you are not paying attention. That is not to say you can't use these pans exactly the way you use other cookware--with water. 

If you want to cook waterless, you have to be in the kitchen until the steam valve whistles so you can turn the heat down to low or off. The food continues to cook from the steam and it's own liquid. The instruction manual that comes with the cookware has recommended cooking times for vegetables, and those should be followed because when all the liquid evaporates, the food will burn. If you're leaving the burner on, and you're leaving the kitchen, set a timer to come back and turn the burner off. Also, you have to use the right size pan for the amount of food you're preparing. The bottom of the pan needs to be covered with food, or the natural moisture in the food and the little water that clings to rinsed off vegetables cooks out too fast, and the food will burn. Other waterless cookbooks are available, and I recommend getting one so that you can learn how to adjust your favorite recipes to the waterless cooking method.

I found other sets on-line, and the affordable ones are made by Maxam--if you have Maxam, World's Finest, Chef's Secret or Steam Control, Maxam made it. The expensive ones are made by Regal--Saladmaster, West Bend, etc. Regal sets are made of T317 (grade)surgical steel, and there is little difference in quality between the T317 and T304. Maxam offers T304 surgical stainless steel in 5, 7, and 9 ply (layer) construction, though I've been told the nomenclature has changed slightly so that the layers are more easily understood. Mom gave me a set of the 9 ply, and it is fabulous.

The quality is outstanding. The company has been in business since the 1950s, and when you look at and use the pans you can see why. They have a mirror finish and are very heavy, especially compared to standard metal cookware--even stainless steel. The multi-layer construction is incomparable to the standard 18/10 stainless I'm replacing, and I was using one of the nicer sets. The handles are sturdy and stay cool when cooking. The set is completely self-stacking, which is significant. Other cookware can be stacked, but the lids slide around, and the cookware slips off if it isn't balanced just right. These lids lie flat under the rim of the pan, which makes a flat surface for the next pan to set on. Nothing slides around or crashes the second you close the cabinet. The set comes with a lifetime warranty, excluding handles. I don't expect the handles to wear out in the next several years because they look sturdy, but if they do need to be replaced, they can be easily replaced with a screwdriver (as opposed to having to replace the whole pan when the handle comes off) and they are inexpensive to purchase from the company.

The price is excellent. You can't walk in Linens & Things or Dillard's/Foley's/Macy's and get a full set of cookware of this quality for the price. You probably can't even get a bigger set. Most of these waterless sets run between $200-300, depending on which ply you choose. Some websites charge more than $300, but do not pay it. There are too many out there that sell for $300 or less. Even if the handles break, or you drop one and break your foot, you can buy 10 sets of this waterless and still come out cheaper than the any of the Regal lines.

Clean up could not be easier. The pans are all dishwasher safe, and everything comes off by hand very easily. I scorched butter beans last week. I was not sure how much water was needed to cook dried beans, nor how long to cook them, and I burned the bottom layer badly. Butter beans(large lima)are very starchy, and nothing is more difficult to scrape off of a pan besides blackened, carmelized, starch. I followed the directions in the manual by scraping out that which could be salvaged, adding water to the pan, returning it to the stove, and bringing the water to a boil. When it was boiling, I scraped the scorched food off with a wooden spatula. I have not had burned food come off teflon that easily. My standard stainless was a real pain to clean up when things burned--I've had to do the dryer sheet trick, and not had a lot of luck with that. I don't generally burn dinner, but we've all done it occasionally. I was actually worried about having to clean this one up because the pans were brand new, and I didn't want to scratch them to get the black off. I need not have worried.

I really like this set, and I won't buy any other kind of cookware. This set passed the Saladmaster baking soda test, and the fresh/frozen vegetables I have cooked in it taste better than they do when cooked in standard cookware. The meats have been more flavorful, juicier, more tender, and absorbed the seasonings better. It takes less time to cook dinner, and l don't have to worry about a pot boiling over. I am glad that more of the nutrients are staying in the food I cook, and the price is unbeatable. I don't know whether or not you can boil an egg with a wet paper towel in these or not (because I haven't tried it yet), but for less than $300 and better quality than the mall, I don't care.

Review By K. Atwood - Read the Original Review

One of the most important parts of cooking with a new set of cookware is knowing that it is safe to use. These pans are built in a way to keep the handles cool enough that you will not have to worry about burning yourself when you know one of the pans is hot. You can even use the Chef's Secret 22-Piece 9-Element Super Set in your conventional oven and they are safe up to about 400 degrees.

Set Includes the Following:1.5 quart saucepan with thermo control lid2.0 quart saucepan with thermo control lid3.0 quart saucepan with thermo control lid

Medium mixing bowl with plastic lid (also works as a dome cover for the 3.0 quart saucepan)Steamer that works with the 3.0 quart saucepan

Fryer basket with handle for the 3.0 quart saucepan

Grater with center lift handle that can be used with both the medium mixing bowl and the 3.0 quart saucepan7.0 quart roaster with thermo control lid

Large mixing bowl with plastic lid (Mixing bowl can be used as a dome cover for the roaster also)Fryer basket adapter ring for 7.0 quart roaster10 inch skillet with thermo control lid

Suction knob for dome covers


Waterless Cooking instruction booklet in both English and Spanish

Learning to cook the waterless way is a challenge if you've been cooking for a long time, but when you taste the food that you get out of waterless cookware, you won't want to go back... the fact that this cookware is probably the last cookware you'll ever buy (and you'll put these in your will for your children to use!) is just additional icing on the cake...Here's what another owner had to say...I've had this set for several years and absolutely love it. Clean-up is a breeze - and yes, I've burned things in these pots. Soaking the pan removes most of the burned-on food - an SOS or Brillo pad takes care of the rest. The lids can rest in the handles when you need them to - a feature I really like. The set also allows for stack cooking - a great help during the holidays! The waterless/greaseless method of cooking allows the natural flavor of foods to really pop. Don't add salt to vegetables - they will taste way too salty if you do. Try cooking corn on the cob in it - it comes out tasting like it's been salted AND buttered! Start out anything you cook on medium heat and then lower your temperature to medium low or low for the remainder of the cooking time. You should never have to use high heat ever again. Try stuffing a whole chicken with peppers and onions, throw in some potatoes and carrots, and you'll have one of the most wonderful meals ever - season the meat only. The leftovers make the best chicken soup ever! Or season a roast as you normally would, throw in peppers, onions, potatoes, carrots - the meat actually absorbs the pepper taste and it's great! I've never used this cookware in the oven, so can't attest to its ability to withstand external heat - the look of the handles seems to preclude oven use, though. Also, be aware that food cooks much more quickly in this cookware, so be careful to not overcook it. The longer you cook it after it's done, the less juice you'll have.

Review By C. Benge - Read the Original Review

I'll have to agree with this review - food really does come out much better tasting. Food colors stay brighter than when you boil and leach out vitamins and color. Once you switch to waterless cooking, you won't want to go back - but don't throw away your old pots and pans, I still like my wok, and my non-stick frying pan. Some things just aren't easy to do in the waterless way - at least, that's my opinion.

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