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Generac 6022 2700 PSI OHV Pressure Washer Review 2017

Gas Pressure Washers were first designed for heavy duty industrial applications years ago. But, manufacturers of these machines have soon realized that home owners too were looking for more powerful cleaning equipment to clean outside areas of their homes.

So they have started developing power washers in different sizes suitable for home owners, and gas powered pressure washers have become popular in home market segment as well especially amongst home owners with large areas to clean. Most stubborn stains on your driveway stand no chance with these more powerful machines. As gas powered pressure washers do not require power outlets and extension cords thus making cleaning task simple.

If you need a commercial grade pressure washer then you should consider going for popular Generac Pressure Washer as these portable power washers are very reliable and user-friendly.

History of Generac

Generac is a manufacturing company from American Midwest with good reputation and recognised for generations. Generac is focusing on developing home standby generators and engines suitable for harsh environments; they put their parts, motors and experience on building gas powered pressure washers.

Generac Pressure Washers

Smaller pressure washers range developed by Generac consists of models for home market segment and these machines works at around 2500 psi which is more than sufficient to clean most stubborn of stains from driveways, patios, fences, and much more.

These pressure washers are powered by Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontal-shaft engine. The Generac designers have made sure that the pump unit is well placed above the ground for all of their models for easy fixing of your hoses to the pump and this means you do not have to bend down to connect the hose.

These pressure washers come with an ergonomic spray gun which features a unique cushion grip that minimizes vibrations when in use, which means you can work longer without getting cramps on your hands from holding the trigger down. They also include Quick-Clip nozzles, and these are easy to change for different spraying applications.

Every Generac pressure washer model has unique low oil shutdown feature installed in to their engine which is designed to turn off the engine when the oil has reached a low level. This feature is especially useful for prolonging the life of your engine.

Most of the facts and features are true for all of their models, which mainly differ in size of the motor and the power of the water spray.

Generac 6022 2700 PSI OHV Pressure Washer Review

This review is based on Generac 6022 model’s gas engine is capable of delivering a great amount of power, and be able to spray the water with pressure up to 2700 PSI and 2.3 gallons per minute. This much amount of power is right at the edge of the commercial segment, not just for cleaning car or the driveway in front of the house but for real heavy duty jobs where the power is important. The engine powering the compressor pump of the Generac 6022 is a 196 cc cylinder sized OHV with oil-shutdown feature and integrated unloader valve to provide easier engine start-up.

This power washer comes with an ergonomic spray gun with unique cushion grip and four Quick-Clip nozzle tips which angles and spraying direction ranges from 0 degrees, 25 degrees clean, 40 degrees wash and soap. The design of this model is built around an axle and perfectly balanced over the wheels which minimizes vibrations and increases manoeuvrability.

Most of the customers who bought Generac 6022 Pressure Washers are generally satisfied with their purchase. You can try out this product line to take care of your home cleaning jobs.


If you have followed the information so far, you would now have realized the quality and effectiveness of the Generac gas pressure washers. You can try out any pressure washer in this product line to take care of your home cleaning jobs.

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